Garmin Music App

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Garmin Connect IQ App

Songlate´s Garmin Music provider lets you easily sync music to your Garmin smartwatch device.

Online music manager

Access and manage all your playlists anywhere with Songlate´s web application.

Sync your music

Easily transfer all your music and playlists to your Garmin watches.

Google Play Music & YouTube Music

Songlate lets you sync playlists between Google Play Music, or YouTube Music, and your Garmin watch.

How to start?

  • Sign up to Songlate.
  • Connect with one of the available storage providers.
    Dropbox Google Drive
    YT Music
  • Download Songlate´s app to your Garmin watch.
  • Sync and start listening to your music.


7 days free trial
All features included.
6 months subscription
All features included.
1 year subscription
All features included.
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